Types Of Dental Implants

Luckily for us though, the decision on which implant to use is made by the dentist, in conjunction with discussions with the patient. This may prove mindboggling or distasteful for some people. However, an informed patient will feel more comfortable with what is happening to their teeth. So by finding out more about each type of implant, the procedure may not be quite so traumatic for the patient.

You can avail the benefit from all on 4 implants. Find the best dental specialist in your area and get the hassle-free service.

Root Form dental implant: A Root Form dental implant is the most
common type of implant used. It is basically a screw-shaped like a tooth root.
This type of implant is used when your jawbone has enough width and depth to
support the implant. If your jawbone does not have those requirements, a bone
graft may be necessary to provide an area in your jawbone for the screw type
root to fuse with.

Subperiosteal dental implant: A Subperiosteal dental implant is
used when the jawbone does not have enough width or length, nor is it
considered suitable for a bone graft. It is a type of metal plate or frame that
is inserted under the gum next to the jawbone. It is made of a lightweight
material and braced to ensure that any pressure is spread evenly over the

Plate Form dental implant: A Plate Form dental implant is used when
the jawbone is too narrow to be considered suitable for bone grafting. The
plate used for this implant is flat and long so that it will fit comfortably
and securely against a narrow jawbone. The implant specialist will make a cut
in the gum, and then shape the jawbone to the most appropriate shape to hold
the plate implant.

Mini dental implant: A Mini dental implant is used when the tooth
or teeth being replaced are small, such as the incisors, or in order to secure
removable dentures. This kind of implant is basically half of the size of the
traditional Root Form the implant. The patient usually has a small amount of
pain, a speedier process as well as save your time and money.