Mexican contributions to medicine

Mexico has made innumerable contributions to the art, culture and gastronomy of the world. But little is said about what he has given medicine. Mexican medicine has increased in all facets, surgical, dental, dentists in Tijuana are doing better and better their work thanks to this evolution in medicine.

From pre-Hispanic uses to discoveries of the 21st century, these are some of the great contributions of our country to the health of the world.


In Mesoamerica plants and healing systems that were not known in Europe appeared. Among the most important herbs are valerian and arnica, which served to heal nerves and strokes, respectively, and which were appreciated by European doctors in the past centuries.

The contraceptive pill

Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas synthesized the norethindrone of a tubercle called dioscorea mexicana; So it came to the active compound of this pill. The invention was one of the most important registered, according to the United States Patent Department. And the London BBC nominated Miramontes as one of the five most influential Latin American researchers of all time.

Nanotechnology to treat cancer

Thanks to microscopic particles of titanium and zirconium filled with medicines, the cellular structure of brain tumors is attacked, without the need of surgeries or chemotherapies. This therapy was obtained by the chemist Tessy López Goerne and with it revolutionizes the treatment of cancer, in addition to other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The obesity gene

Mexican researchers from the UNAM, the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán and the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, found that the Mexican population has a genetic predisposition to develop overweight and obesity. They also found a gene variant that causes a decrease in “good” cholesterol, responsible for cleaning the arteries. This research allows us to develop more preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles that help us face the trend.


And there are many more inventions, discoveries and surgical exploits that make Mexican medicine one of the most interesting in the world.