The Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Food can be an ally to protect your teeth if you learn to take advantage of everything it offers.

From adulthood, between 30 and 40 years, it is essential also to take care of the teeth. If your whole life has had a bad diet, you need to go with your dentist New Age Dental Tijuana for dental services. Brushing, flossing or rinsing make up an essential routine, but this is not enough without a good diet.

Chewing gum: yes or no?

It is so harmful to chew too soft foods, such as bread, as chewing continually chewing gum, for example. In the first case, prevent the teeth from strengthening and in the second, we end up forcing the joints. Chewing gum in its proper measure helps to exercise the jaw. Besides, the Xylitol contained in sugar-free chewing gums acts as a protector of teeth against cavities.


Foods that clean the teeth

The foods that make us chew, on the other hand, generate saliva, which contains bicarbonate and this, in turn, helps to neutralize the acids in the food. The pear is one of the most effective foods in this sense, and this example is extended to most cases. On the other hand, celery is a natural cleanser of the teeth. In this same sense, sesame oil favors cleaner teeth at the same time healthy.


The wisdom of mice

The cheese is a source of casein that strengthens the surface of the teeth thanks to the phosphorus it contains and the yogurt, as well as containing casein, it also provides calcium, which increases the minerals of the teeth.


And watch if you bite your nails

Onychophagia (terrible name for an awful mania) can alter not only the appearance of our hands but the constant bite of the nails generates wear on the upper and lower incisors, as well as a lousy occlusion of the anterior teeth.